SPM-106 White

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  • Design - Unique design where sole is shaved upwards
  • Quality - Replaceable sole to keep the life of shoes longer
  • The more you use it the more you like it
  • Comfortable – Fit to foot
  • Genuine leather brings a better fit as you use it more
  • Strong and durable
  • Warmness of a hand-made product

SPM 106

One point of the spingle logo

A stylish model with the spingle logo printed on the velor fabric tag on the tongue. The line in the outsole is also an accent.

Light weight and high flexibility due to the straw bell manufacturing method

Due to the straw bell manufacturing method in which the upper is sewn to the insole with a sewing machine, it has become lighter and more flexible than the previous spingle. It is a pair that makes you feel more comfortable and comfortable to walk.

Uses washable cup insole

Uses a cup insole with cushioning, breathability, and antibacterial and deodorant functions. As it can be removed and washed by hand, the environment inside the shoes can be kept clean. *Washing method: After gently washing your hands with a neutral detergent, wipe off water with a dry cloth and let it dry naturally. Please avoid tumbler drying.

Product Details

Upper: Cow smooth leather, tongue decoration is cow velor.
Outsole: Made of natural rubber, it has excellent elasticity, durability, grip and flexibility. Deep "No.8Outsole"
Insole: Cushioning, breathable, antibacterial and deodorant cup insole
Lining: Breathable textured synthetic leather 
Shoe lace: Stone-patterned flat string
Size: Same as SPM-110 Degree (* Slightly different depending on the material and design)