SPM-241 Camel

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  • Design - Unique design where sole is shaved upwards
  • Quality - Replaceable sole to keep the life of shoes longer
  • The more you use it the more you like it
  • Comfortable – Fit to foot
  • Genuine leather brings a better fit as you use it more
  • Strong and durable
  • Warmness of a hand-made product

SPM 241 

Deer leather low cut

A low-cut model that uses deer leather as the masterpiece model for the spingle. The simple design enhances the power of the material.

Soft texture

Deer leather is extremely light and supple, has good breathability, and has a unique texture (unevenness). You can feel more soft and comfortable when you wear them.

Domestic handmade sneakers created by craftsmen

The base SPM-101 is a classic first model created after trial and error. Enjoy the strength of the hoisting sole, which is characteristic of spingles, and the maximum comfort created by the craftsman technology cultivated over many years.

Product Details

Upper: Deer leather, layered part is cowhide
Outsole: Made of natural rubber, it has excellent elasticity, durability, grip and flexibility. Deep "No.8Outsole"
Insole: Highly restoring and soft latex sponge
Lining: Breathable textured synthetic leather 
Shoe lace: Stone-patterned flat string
Size: Similar to SPM-110 (* Depending on material and design)