SPM-388 Black

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  • Design - Unique design where sole is shaved upwards
  • Quality - Replaceable sole to keep the life of shoes longer
  • The more you use it the more you like it
  • Comfortable – Fit to foot
  • Genuine leather brings a better fit as you use it more
  • Strong and durable
  • Warmness of a hand-made product

SPM 388

Advan leather short boots
Military-style short boots with a rubber sole combined with an Advan leather upper.
Advan finish is a manufacturing method in which a dark finish is applied to light leather and then buffed partially so that the light color can be seen under the dark color. Since it is done manually, the texture of each pair is different.
The velor on the side of the string, the edge with the pattern, and the color line around the sole are also accented.

Product Details

Upper: Cowhide with Advan finish
Outsole: Made of natural rubber, it has excellent elasticity, durability, grip and flexibility. "No.38Outsole"
Insole: Highly restoring and soft latex sponge
Lining: Breathable textured synthetic leather
Shoe lace: Waxed round cord
Size feeling: Same as SPM-110 (* Differences in material and design