About Us

Spingle Move was born in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, a city full of the spirit of craftsmanship.
“Can’t we somehow compete to be unswayed by the trends, stick to Japan-made, and use unique designs to meet the needs of today?”
We researched the shape of the Japanese sole, and sought to find the ultimate comfortable fit.

These technical skills and this high quality gained attention overseas, and in 2004 SPINGLE shoes appeared in the Paris Collection and Milano Collection and SPINGLE MOVE’s quality and design was recognized in Europe, and gradually domestic select shops also began to stock SPINGLE shoes.

We are going to continue to send out “made in JAPAN” from now also.

The Origin of the SPINGLE Name

The word “SPINGLE” was coined by us.
The SPINGLE MOVE logo mark embodies our dream.

We want the growth axis of the shoes we make to spin like a top, and continue to stretch upwards creating a spiral, and for our shoes to be loved by many people. We used the word ‘spin’ and added it to the continually moving present progressive form of ‘ing,’ and further added part of the Japanese word for spinning around ‘guruguru’=That is the origin of the word SPINGLE.

Under the logo mark reads ‘bingo, japan,’ this is the name of the Hiroshima Prefecture local area Bingo where our factory is located, an area full of the spirit of craftsmanship. It also embodies our wish for those who wear our shoes to feel ‘bingo!’ that they hit the spot with a comfy shoe fit.

We are continuing to keep spinning today to grow to become a sneaker brand loved by all.