Beginner's Guide

Spingle Company is a sneaker manufacturer that handles handmade sneakers
"Spingle Move", "Spingle Nima", and "Spingle Biz" made in Japan by craftsmen .
Originally founded as a rubber manufacturer, our factory in Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture Bingo, Japan has a history of more than 80 years,and we are working hard every day to make shoes by fusing the long-cultivated technology of craftsmen and innovative design at a high level. I will.

Comfortable and innovative design

~ Thoughts on the birth of Spingle Move ~

In the 1990s, the market changed drastically due to the domestic influx of overseas brands. While the parent company Nichiman Co., Ltd. was also affected by this, Spingle Company was established to reassess its strengths and establish branding for its products.

Taking advantage of the fact that we have a factory that can make vulcanized manufacturing, which is rare in Japan, and the innovative idea of ​​using leather, which has been considered unsuitable for vulcanized manufacturing, we plan products at that time every day. Product development was started by the person in charge.

During the development, we were particular about "comfort" and "design that can be seen as Spingle sneakers even from a distance". In pursuit of comfort that makes you captivated once you wear it, we have devised a product design that is particular about it. A craftsman who has been enrolled in his own factory since that time as an unforgettable existence when realizing it. Because of the knowledge and skills of the craftsmen, we have completed a product that is extremely comfortable to wear.

Paris Collection, Milan Collection

"Design that can be seen as Spingle sneakers even from a distance" has been shaped as a winding sole that has become an existence that is no exaggeration to say that it is our identity now. The innovative design using this winding sole caught the eye of the designer brand, and collaboration was realized. After that, in 2004, it was appointed in the Paris Collection and Milan collection, and it gradually attracted attention.

Birth of a new brand and the future

While "Spingle Move" is gaining attention, "Spingle Nima" was born in 2011 as a brand for ladies, and "Spingle Biz" was born in 2012, focusing on business casual.

While steadily establishing the Spingle brand, we will continue to send sneakers from Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture to the whole country and the world so that we can propose sneakers that suit not only fashion but also lifestyle scenes and feel comfortable. To go.

The secret of comfort

Vulcanize manufacturing method

A manufacturing method in which rubber containing sulfur is placed in a special kettle and pressure is applied at high pressure to cure the rubber and firmly bond the upper and outsole. It is a shoe with excellent flexibility that does not easily lose its shape and the sole does not come off easily. The vulcanized manufacturing method requires a lot of manual work, and it takes unimaginable labor and labor, so only a few domestic factories use this manufacturing method. It is a manufacturing method with high rare value.

Discard size

There is a "throw-away size" with a margin in the toe part so that the toes can easily bend when walking. Therefore, it does not mean that the size does not match because the vertical length is left over. When choosing the size, it is recommended to match the "width" and "foot circumference" of the foot.

If you wear it with "width" and "foot circumference" cramped, you may hurt your feet. We hope that you will choose the correct size and feel comfortable wearing it.

Roll-up sole

It is no exaggeration to say that Spingle's identity is now a rolled-up sole. This outsole is made from natural rubber and is uniquely formulated at our own factory. This in-house formulated rubber and vulcanized manufacturing method makes it extremely flexible, and when walking, it fits well with the flexion of the toes, making it easy to walk.


The insole uses soft natural latex rubber that is also used for cosmetic puffs. It feels good on your feet and has high resilience, so you can wear it comfortably for a long time. In addition, the arch of the foot and the convexity in the center support the arch of the foot, improving stability.

Counters and linings

The core material called the counter used for the heel part has a high fixing force and makes the heel hard to shake. In addition, the lining is made with as few sewing points as possible to improve the foot contact, and we are particular about giving a feeling of wrapping hold.

Carefully selected leather and canvas

The leather and canvas used for the upper are also soft and comfortable to the foot. Among them, kangaroo leather is a popular material that is particularly soft and has high strength. However, all of these materials use only those that have cleared strict standards so that they can withstand the high temperature and high pressure of the vulcanized manufacturing method and can adhere well to the rubber material used for the sole part, so there are many material selections. Knowledge is required.

Experience value of craftsman

It is the presence of craftsmen that must not be forgotten to complete the best comfort. From rubber processing to shoe molding, everything changes when the material changes, so a wealth of knowledge and experience can be relied on. The experience value that has been passed down from craftsman to craftsman for over 80 years is the treasure of Spingle.

Experience value of craftsman

In addition to the comfort and unique design, another important thing for us is "making shoes with a story that makes you want to tell people a little".

We are planning collaboration products with other brands, and are actively trying to adopt materials that are rarely used for sneakers, such as rare materials such as kangaroo leather and crocodile, and local materials such as Bigo denim.

The story of each model is not only told by us creators, but also by those who wear it. And, as a special pair, it is the driving force for us to continue wearing Spingle with attachment.